Here at Wellness Garden the core of how we practice is to function as “functional medicine” and/or “integrative medicine.”  As an integrative medical clinic, our health care providers work both autonomously as well as in a team like atmosphere to provide you, the patient, with the most comprehensive wellness care possible.  We understand and emphasize patient care as opposed to disease care.  Here at Wellness Garden, we help to bring balance of internal and external factors that effect your health.   You, the patient, are a finely tuned interconnected web and how you function depends not only on the absence of disease, but also on the promotion of health and the quality of life.

At Wellness Garden, we are uniquely poised to venture forth with you and aid in helping you to work toward your optimal health benefit.

(To view the entire office from this spherical photoPlease put your cursor over the photo, right click on it and hold the button down while moving the cursor to the right, left, up or down and the photo will rotate through the entire room so that you may view the office. )


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