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Hello, I am Lars Clausen. I believe The ICE Method may be a bit unique, yet also perhaps a bit universal. So far I haven’t found anything exactly like this process: at the same time I find it resonating with the gist or the details of many other sources that continue coming into my life.

A few years back when I decided to step into healing as my profession, I did so as a practitioner of EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT helped me help others to achieve both physical and emotional improvements that I never before would have believed possible. As I continued practicing EFT, my questions grew deeper and deeper, “How does EFT provide such amazing results?”

During my sessions, I started saying things such as,

  • There’s nothing to do. Anything you do will just get in the way.

  • Just be aware. Pay attention. All we’re doing is observing

As my reading and questions continued, it felt like just the right books were appearing in just the right order. Brain biology and the chemistry of fear. The fight or flight response. Peptides and cell membrane receptors. Quantum theory. Memory reconsolidation.

After a while of doing EFT I was encouraged to consider specializing in helping people with fibromyalgia. This turned out to be a very useful focus because of the well-observed connection between a person’s emotional history and their physical health. Traditional medicine doesn’t have a way of addressing emotional history, but EFT does.

As I worked with people suffering from fibromyalgia the EFT process started morphing. A pivotal week occurred when I shadowed a doctor at the Frida Fibromyalgia Center and had opportunity to work with her patients after she had her regular appointment with them. I did EFT with the first few of them, but then, perhaps because we were rushed, I started morphing the process down to more basic elements. As quickly as possible, I sought to get a verbalization and awareness of the issues facing the patient, and then helping the patient get into a state of observation without any hesitation. Several patients experienced reduced or eliminated symptoms after just a single rather brief session.

In the month following my visit with the Frida Fibromyalgia Center, I dropped the physical tapping element of EFT, and blended aspects from my reading and experience to come up with what I would soon give the name, The ICE Method.

  • From EFT, I retained the check-in with the person about emotional state, physical sensations, and memories.
  • From Candace Pert and her work on peptides I used the language of how emotions create physical molecules in our bodies and inform the way that we experience our physical life.
  • From Frank Kinslow, I brought in the technique of Quantum Entrainment, helping people to reach a state of pure awareness from which they could address issues in a calm frame of reference.
  • From Bruce Liption, I used his work on cellular stress, and how cells at rest turn naturally and automatically to healing their individual cells and the entire body.
  • From Joseph LeDoux, I incorporated the key findings of his laboratory that memories are fragile when they are brought to mind, and that the peptides which glue a traumatic memory together can be replaced during this fragile time with peptides of calm and peace.

You can read more about the science of The ICE Method and how to practice The ICE Method on this website.

Why did it take until I turned 51 before this ICE Method became apparent to me? I have no idea. I look at twenty-year-olds who understand more than I ever did at that age and I don’t know why. In quantum theory, there is no time or space –just awareness and consciousness. It’s nice to be a this stage of the journey – it’s been nice to be in the places that I’ve come from as well. I’ve spent most of my life pursuing questions and the adventures that surrounded those questions. I pastored a Lutheran Church in Nome Alaska, built windmills in Denmark, unicycled through all 50 states and still hold a Guinness Word Record for that ride in 1992. I am married to Anne, and have two kids, KariAnna and Kai. We live happily in Chelan, Washington.

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