ICE Method

What to Expect

Gentleness and Respect:

  • We’ll conduct our sessions either by phone or by Skype – your choice.
  • The sessions will be gentle and completely respectful of wherever you are at.
  • The process boils down to paying attention to your life, which changes the chemistry of your body/mind and results in relief.

Checking In:

I’ll start by checking in with you.  I’ll invite you to share a very brief description of your experience with fibromyalgia – how long you’ve had it – how you experience it in your body.  I will ask you what emotion you feel when you think about your fibromyalgia pain.  Whatever your emotion is, that’s fine.  It could be sadness.  It could be anger.  It could be hopelessness.  It could even be joy (perhaps if you have fibromyalgia it forced you to stay home from a job you had really hated – a silver lining that has paradoxical emotions attached)   Whatever you’re feeling, that’s what you’re feeling – no problem.

Length and Content  of Session:

A session will typically last 60 to 90 minutes.  After identifying the initial issue that we’ll be focusing on, we’ll spend most of the session in the calm state, using the chemistry of this chill state to explore and exchange the chemistry of the issues with the chemistry of calm and peace from the chill state.  It’s a very relaxing and healing process, those whom I facilitate with typically end a session with feelings of calm, relief, hope, and/or peace.  Read The ICE Method process for more detailed information about the method.

Additional Sessions:

At the conclusion of a session we’ll visit about whether its appropriate to schedule a next session.  Please note that the calm state is such a novel experience for most people, that once they are back in their regular state it can quickly be forgotten.  The result is that if issues arise in the future, people who have not grown used to The ICE Method may forget to use the method when a new issue arises.  When I facilitate sessions, I make this point a couple of different ways, as I seek to introduce a person to the possibility of having the calm or chill state become a person’s normal default state.  I recommend scheduling enough sessions so that you grow familiar with The ICE Method and you have it as a resource for whenever issues arise.  Somewhere between three and seven sessions is typically helpful in learning to live the ICE life as your default state of being.